Media Project – Nature Walks

This particular research study, titled “Nature experience reduces rumination and subgenual prefrontal cortex activation”, discussed an experiment that was conducted to see if walking through nature was better for one’s overall mental health than walking through urban areas.  39 healthy participants were given a rumination self-report, or a Reflection Rumination Questionnaire (RRQ), in which they answered … More Media Project – Nature Walks


FIP – Schizophrenia

This week in Psychology, we were given a video to watch, which simulated what having a psychotic episode as a schizophrenic patient would be like:   Often, in the media especially, schizophrenia is depicted as someone who has no control whatsoever of their life.  In movies, schizophrenics are viewed as the abnormal ones, either being portrayed as a … More FIP – Schizophrenia

FIP – Stress

This week in Psychology, we were given a Ted Talks video to watch, in which health psychologist, Kelly McGonigal, discusses the important role that stress plays in our lives.   Whenever someone mentions the word “stress”, people tend to think about the negative ways in which it impacts our lives.  Kelly McGonigal, however, offers a … More FIP – Stress

FIP – Motivation

This week in Psychology, we are discussing types of motivation and how various strategies could be applied to our own lives.  Motivation often plays a large role in the decisions we make about our career paths, relationships and many other things throughout our life.  For example, when applying to colleges I had many things which motivated … More FIP – Motivation

Children of Divorce

  Throughout the years, the amount of divorces in the U.S. has seemed to increase significantly.  This has led parents to question whether or not divorce is the best option for their family in the long run.  Divorce is not something that only affects the two people involved, but it can dramatically change the lives … More Children of Divorce

FIP – Personality (What type are you?)

For this week in Psychology, we were given four (free) online personality tests to complete: They each had different ways of classifying what “type” of personality you have and what characteristics most likely shape you as a person.  For each test, except the Color Quiz, we had to answer roughly 50 … More FIP – Personality (What type are you?)