A Reflection on Psychology

I have very much enjoyed being in a Psychology class, this semester and I have learned a lot about, not only how the human mind works, but about my own mind and personality.   In the beginning of the semester, I wrote an Introductory post about the three classes I was most interested in learning about.  I would say that those predictions were mostly true.  I definitely learned a lot when we talked about stereotypes & discrimination and how it still affects certain minority groups today.  I also enjoyed learning about personalities and personality disorders.  During that week, we got to take a few online personality tests, which were very interesting to see the results of.  It was also interesting to discuss the many personality disorders in the world.  I have known friends and family who have suffered from many of them, so it was very informative for me.

At the end of my Introductory post, I proposed a question that I had hoped I would be able to answer by the time I finished this class.  I had asked in what way could I apply what I’ve learned to my everyday life and possibly my future career?  As I mentioned earlier, learning about the personality disorders was very interesting and definitely gave me new perspectives on the many different disorders that exist.  Also, the week in which we discussed ways in order to help us get a better quality of sleep was very informative and useful, for me.  I often struggle with the amount of sleep I get and when I get it.  It is sometimes hard for me to stay on a good, consistent sleep schedule and learning about tips to help us sleep and how much we should sleep helped me a lot.  Throughout the semester, I have become more and more informed about the psychological issues and challenges people go through everyday.  It has made me appreciate psychology and psychologists even more than I had before.  I will definitely use the knowledge I have gained from this class in my everyday life.  Overall, it has been a challenging, yet very interesting semester in this class!


One thought on “A Reflection on Psychology

  1. I’m glad you were able to apply what we learned to your life LeeAnne. It was a pleasure having you in class and I hope you will consider taking additional psychology courses in the future.


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