FIP – Personality (What type are you?)

For this week in Psychology, we were given four (free) online personality tests to complete:

They each had different ways of classifying what “type” of personality you have and what characteristics most likely shape you as a person.  For each test, except the Color Quiz, we had to answer roughly 50 questions about how we acted or reacted in certain situations and even how we viewed our own personality.  It was very interesting to analyze and think about what my answers to these, somewhat deep, questions about myself would be.  At the end of each test, different descriptions of my personality were given to me.  Some of them seemed to be a little vague and could apply to a lot of people.  There were, however, a few that I identified with and related to very well.

I found that the tests which used the Myers-Briggs analysis as a template for their questions, had the best results for me in the end.  These tests seem to be more reliable and I agreed with most of the characteristics I was told I have (I’m a INFP).  This type of analysis of one’s own personality is very interesting to me and I think anyone could benefit by taking one of these tests (unless you tend to overthink & be critical of yourself… but the test would tell you that…).

So, what personality “type” are you?


One thought on “FIP – Personality (What type are you?)

  1. I wish you had gone into more detail here. While you mentioned that the Myers-Briggs tests seemed the most accurate, I don’t really get a good sense of the extent to which you found each test accurately described you or how credible you found each test. That being said, it sounds like you enjoyed the activity and maybe learned some things about yourself along the way!


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